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We have been commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) to develop and support Barnsley’s Equality Forums since November 2011. All the Forums are independent with their own priorities, but work together and are committed to building links between the different forums.

Each Forum is represented by Delegates who are active at representing the Forums across a range of issues and are accountable to Forum members. Each Forum is inclusive and accessible to anyone with an interest or who share a protected characteristic (as defined by the Equality Act 2010).

360 Engagement support the Forums by planning, hosting and facilitating events; supporting delegates to represent the Forum and supporting Delegates with their own personal development and to report back to the Forum on what has been achieved.

Becoming a member of any of the Equality Forums is easy - complete our online membership forum (Click here for complete online Membership) or email info@360engagement.co.uk.

The Equality Forums are:

Barnsley Together – a race equality forum

Barnsley Together is a race equality forum open to any Barnsley resident with an interest in promoting race equality. This Forum is funded by Barnsley Council and supported by 360 Engagement.

The Forum is represented by 12 Delegates who, with the support of 360 Engagement, represent the views of the Forum within public services. In 2014-15 these delegates are:

Delegates: (Amie Johnson, Benson Kimaru, Davoud Moghadarry, Katarzyna Luniewska, Liana Khachatryan, Mahmoud Haydar, Nino Watson, Pegah Moulana, Peter Lleshi, Phillis Andrew, Sheikh Nadeem Ashan, Zofia Herbenda)

Shadow Delegates: (Aghileh Hatami, Shadi Moghimi)

Delegates have made great progress in the following priority areas:

    - Education

    - Health

    - Hate crime

    - Employability

    - Cultural Events

You can find out more about by downloading this presentation (Click here for AGM presentation)

You can view a copy of Barnsley Together's constitution here: (Click here for a copy of Constitution).

Event reports available here (latest event report)

My Barnsley Too

My Barnlsey Too is a forum to promote disability equality. The aims of the Forum are to provide accessible information and advice to people with disabilities, develop a support network and empower people to ensure the voice of disabled people is heard in public sector services.

The priority areas for My Barnsley Too are:

      - Access to services

      - The Impact of welfare reform

      - Accessible Transport

      - Hate Crime and harassment

      - IT Access

My Barnsley Too is represented by:
Brian Whitaker, 
Carol Robb, Jamie Cash, John Goggins, Karl Cooper, Pat Durie 
Welcome to new delegates: Chris Green, Col Val, Malcolm Clements, Mark Smith, Peter Spencer.

Event reports available here:(
latest event report)

The Gender Equality Forum

The Gender Equality Forum was launched in March 2014 on International Women’s Day. A feasibility study was undertaken by 360 Engagement which identified a need for a gender equality forum which would champion gender equality in an inclusive way, engaging men and women in debates and finding solutions. The following priority areas were identified:

        - Sexual violence and harassment

        - Occupational Gender Segregation

        - Building capacity in communities

        - Political inclusion

This Forum is represented by a Steering Group which includes the following people:
Beverley Powell , Diane Weston, Fiona Thompson, Gillian Totty, Janet scholey, Jayne Wise, Lynne Casserly, Nell Stockton, Oyeronke Adeleke, Rhona Bywater,  Tracey Cheetham. 

The Steering Group has been progressing issues raised at the event last year and is currently planning the next Forum event on 7 March 2015. More details to follow soon.

Faith in Barnsley

The Faith in Barnsley forum was formally launched in June 2014; the forum brings together people of different faith’s and denominations to discuss issues that affect them, but also to do practical things to support people who are less well off.

The steering group has people from Christian denominations, Islam and Zoroastrian faiths who have set as a priority this year fundraising for the Barnsley Foodbank.

LGBT Community Forum

The LGBT Community Forum is run independently, with close links into the other Forums. We support the Forum with organizational development work and work closely in partnership with the Forum.

Please see http://www.barnsleylgbtforum.org.uk/ for more information.

Take a look at the Barnsley Equality Forums Facebook Page


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