Our services are targeted at the transformation of public services, promoting the model of co-production and empowering people. Our services enable organisations to be more responsive to their respective communities, and will assist in the ownership of the services by the communities.

Working with communities we will engage and develop people, understanding the skills that are available and often untapped. All our activities will aim to improve social cohesion, develop social capital and build real capacity providing people with the opportunity to contribute and play a part in the social and economic structures around them.

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We provide orgnisations with a coordinated engagement resource tapping into a diverse spectrum of the communities they serve. We offer community and staff engagement services which promote equality, building on local networks and insight. We also expect our clients to look beyond 'ticking the box' in engagement and equality and show how engagement will influence services. 


We provide a range of training products including:

  • Equality, diversity and human rights training

  • Accessible communications skills

  • Race and cultural capability training

  • Disability confidence

  • LGB & T (sexual orientation) awareness

We will use our expertise and experience to deliver training that will engage staff and provide an ongoing knowledge network that will build skills and engage staff in equality and diversity long after the training session.

Consultancy and capacity building 

We will tailor our services to meet the needs of your organisation. We offer a free initial assessment meeting after which you will receive with a costed proposal based on your requirements. These may include:

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion - including the NHS Equality Delivery System, performance management, team and leadership development
  • Corporate governance

  • Business planning

  • Effective bid writing


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